The Maria et Franz brand currently has seven spreads produced by Jean-Christophe Hubert at his Liège-based company, Millésime Chocolat. There's something for everyone: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, caramel, crunchy and white speculoos.
A chocolate enthusiast, it was in 2017 that he launched his business specialising in "Bean to Bar", i.e. from bean to bar. The artisan chocolatier goes a step further by working only with cocoa beans from exceptional territories, without mixing harvests or vintages. He produces his chocolate with respect for ancestral knowledge and the manufacturing processes of yesteryear. For Jean-Christophe Hubert, working with Maria and Franz is an obvious choice. "My products, apart from pralines and bars, are already available in glass containers, some of which are returnable, to limit waste production. The deposit is THE solution if we want to live in a more sustainable world.