Daphne Oils


Daphne Oil is a family business based in Polleur, in the municipality of Theux. It grows and processes olives.

The family is one of the partners of the Maria et Franz brand, because it too is keen to offer quality products that are 100% organic and have the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The two Kaskaris brothers and their father own land in Kalamata, in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece, where they grow olive trees. "We're responsible for the whole process from A to Z. Once harvested, the olives are pressed on site. The other products are taken in bulk to Polleur for packaging and distribution", explains Paris Kaskaris.

While the majority of their products are sold in glass jars, returnable containers were an obvious choice for them. "Even if this system deserves to be developed further in Belgium, it's the way of the future," says Paris Kaskaris.

"Maria et Franz is a tribute to the grandparents of the brand's creators. It's a point in common with our history, since our grandmothers were also behind Daphne Oil".