Café Soiron


Surprisingly, coffee is actually roasted in Eupen. In 1991, Daniel Soiron took over his father's coffee business. Twenty-two years later, the man from Eupen invested so that he could roast his own coffee beans in the German-speaking Community. Between 15 and 20 tonnes of coffee beans are roasted each year. Daniel Soiron's Le Gourmet coffee is aimed primarily at the catering trade and institutional kitchens, although it is also available in organic shops and some of the region's major retailers.

"We offer a range of products, including coffee from Guatemala that is certified organic and fair trade. It's 100% Arabica," explains the owner. It is this coffee that is sold under the Maria et Franz brand. "Professionals aren't used to working with returnable containers, but for private individuals, I think it could be a solution for the future to limit waste production. With the Maria et Franz brand, the logistical problems encountered by producers are taken care of. It's a great initiative," concludes Daniel Soiron.