Nectar & co


In 2023, Nectar & Co celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Based in Fernelmont, in the province of Namur, it processes and distributes a wide range of products from the hive. With a dozen apiaries in the Brussels and Wallonia regions, Nectar & Co has its own production facilities. In 20 years of activity and passion, collaborations and commercial exchanges with other organic producers have been established.
Ethical and reasoned importation of European products, selected with love and rigour from recognised beekeepers, has enabled us to bring to the Belgian market a range of honeys that are unique in taste, floral diversity and texture.
Since its creation, Nectar & Co has been committed to working with respect for producers, products and the environment. So it was a natural step for the company to opt for the deposit system offered by the Maria et Franz brand. "Bulk and reusable deposits are important ways of respecting our values, which have been with us for two decades," says the company.